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Online Poker

Playing poker games online as well as offline makes a lot of difference. There can be certain things that enables a player to distinguish exactly between online poker and live poker gaming. It’s absolutely true that one can enjoy poker games whether he/she is playing online as well as in a live casino. The games will bring equal challenge and enjoyment in both the places. (more…)

Online Poker

I was commissioned by a client to prepare a summary study on the various sub-niches existing in the online poker market and to compare and contrast these opportunities.  Once the report was completed, I asked for permission to represent, thinking new affiliates might find usefulness in this brief but inisighful anaylsis. There are a few basic profit opportunities for affiliates in poker online. (more…)

Full Tilt Referral Code

SIGN UP: Download the software and sign up for a real money account . Make your deposit (remember if you deposit $600 you get 100%, the full $600 bonus offered by them). Full Tilt Referral Code PBD600 is required for this promotion.
PLAY POKER! : The minimum requirement at present is to collect around 9960 full tilt points to clear the full $600 bonus, however please check the t&c on their site. (more…)

Poker Horse

HORSE Poker does not have any specific rules, as the game consists of a series of hands in different variants of Poker: Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Eight or Better (also known as Hi-Lo). HORSE The name itself is actually an acronym:
H: Hold’Em
O: Omaha
R: Razz (more…)

Loose aggressive

 These players will often raise with inferior hands. They will bet for no reason and over use bluffs. One or two loose aggressive players can totally change the complexion of the game. Be ready for a shooting match when you sit down to play with more then one loose aggressive players.

Loose aggressive players can obviously be beat, keep in mind that when playing one you will need the (more…)

No deposit bingo promotions

Playing online bingo can definitely be a lot of fun, but the moment when you start playing the game with the help of the no deposit bingo promotions things will be even better. This is happening because you are given the chance to play all your favorite games for free, with absolutely no financial risk from your side and you can win real money prizes.

There are currently many online bingo sites out there that are offering no deposit bingo promotions, but it’s going to be up to you to make sure that you are signing up only for the best promotions that are available. (more…)

Poker Strategy

To beat a loose-passive player you have to keep your eye open for draw boards such as two suited flops. If you suspect a loose-passive player is on a draw bet heavy and make him pay but back off if the board hits because you may end up playing right into his hand.



The incredible “Sobraoboy”

This Spanish player is the one who has revolutionized the world of the online poker of the last years. Armando is the real name of the “Sobraoboy”, he has illustrated all his bets times and misfortunes of the poker in his blog, one of the most popular of the environment.
What his fans rescue of this great player



“The Cheats”

Now I know that nobody reading this is interested in learning how to cheat at poker games… right??? Shya… right! Well, before we go into all the good stuff on how to cheat, there are some things to consider.

1. If you get caught cheating- your friends will shave one of your eyebrows while hanging you upside (more…)