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Very useful for becoming a good poker player is to keep a history of their hands and matches, so you learn from your mistakes, watch lots of experienced players and take advantage of their advice and suggestions. Poker is a game with rules simple enough, but this very simplicity makes it critical for the success to understand what is the correct strategy game, being able to put it into practice without the opponents fail to understand our intentions and have both a ‘broad vision of the game, (more…)

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In the three subsequent rounds, one face up card is dealt to all players. At this stage, all players are having the two hidden original cards along with four facing up cards. While playing if you get that if any of your opponents has four facing up cards that all are similar to four twos, this reflects their strong hand and you should go towards folding your hand.



Odds can be applied

Odds are a significant part of poker. If you don’t make out how to estimate hand odds, poker odds and pot odds you will have a tough time playing your poker hands properly in some of the hard circumstances. If you know all of the above stated poker odds calculation it does not mean that you are going to be a winner for sure, but you will have a better edge (more…)

Here are some useful tips

Playing correct position in poker against weak players is even more important because you can get caught in expensive scenarios where they force you into an expensive pre-flop bet, and you can do nothing but fold on the flop. You cannot bluff a brick wall. Getting fools to fold is utterly daunting and seldom rewarding. If you bet into a player who cannot fold, you better have the best hand. (more…)

Secret Strategies for Short-Handed Poker

Poker StrategyWe welcome you to the first article in a new series of posts here on the blog that deals exclusively and only for very closely with the Pokerspielart that for thirty years the world of live poker as well as the Internet holds its breath. We are talking here of course by none other than the online No Limit Texas Hold Em, the poker game, earning the professional players every day millions. We will allow them to consort with these players. (more…)

Texas holdem

Since I got engaged in playing poker, I found Texas holdem poker a very interesting and exciting poker game, which is played mostly by almost all poker players. In fact, whenever a new player of poker gaming comes to learn poker, he always starts with Texas holdem poker game. Stud and Draw poker games are also interesting but, they include some considerable skills (more…)

About poker

The poker probabilities of something happening against can be easily worked out with poker odds. How much you land up getting paid if it does take place is the foundation for all gambling plans whether you Play Texas Poker, Play Stud Poker, Play Omaha Poker, from any kind of download poker you ought to know the poker odds.



Tex Barch

Barch was a qualifier for his seat like so many other players in the WSOP these days. Unlike Daniel Bergsdorf or Aaron Kanter, however, he won his seat in a satellite game at a real live casino, rather than an Internet tournament. That live action experience surly helped Tex last as long as he did. The Internet qualifiers busted out first, followed by Tex as a satellite qualifier, and the two winners paid their way in; (more…)

Adrian Young

Adrian landed his gig with No Doubt when he fudged a bit on his drumming experience; only a two-year practitioner, he said he had played for seven. In the end it was his fun loving attitude as well as his ability that scored him the spot; besides, he’s had more than seven years of experience by now, right?



Hold’em games

It wasn’t easy. I had to fold a Royal FlushSome statistics, that those math types often throw around (and I concede they are probably correct), indicate that it’s entirely expected that we could play optimal poker and still lose for 20,000 hands or 600 tournaments just due to the variance in typical hold’em games. Unfortunately, it is just the structure and nature of the game to be “swingy” and our results will always be greatly affected by variance. It can make us question everything about our poker game, even to the point of considering if the game is somehow rigged! We start to wonder if we ever actually did beat this game, or if the other players are all getting better. The reality, I am here to assure you, is that we’re just as likely to be a few good cards away from a massive heater. (more…)