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Experience New Things At Gambling With IPad Casino

Experience New Things At Gambling With IPad CasinoThe moment you get a new device in your hand, you would explore it in every possible way. Yes, as this is one among the interesting tasks of the new generation. Well, if you get a brand new iPad with a casino app downloaded in it, you would be surprised to discover so many new things. (more…)

Poker Rake

Poker RakeAs more people are joining the poker websites, the revenue of the sites is hence increasing. At this point comes the concept of poker rake. Basically, poker rake is a fee charged by the poker room to the poker players. The fees is not collected directly from players, there are 2 methods by which a poker rake is collected. (more…)

It Is Essential to Play Poker Exclusively

It Is Essential to Play Poker ExclusivelyIn the present day lots of players across the world enjoy casino games over the internet, and online poker rooms are always full of visitors. For many years poker had been popular in conventional gambling houses, plus poker did not lose its popularity when poker games started to be offered on the internet. If perhaps you’re planning to play poker on the internet, it is really important to know safety measures to make your gambling online pleasant and safe. It is not recommended to start playing on an online site until you ensure that the web site is reputable. (more…)

Clay Poker Chips

Clay Poker ChipsIn the world of card gaming, poker is the most popular of all. And for poker to be played with so much ease poker chips are necessary in lieu of money. These poker chips have different values depending on the agreement of the players. The history of using chips has not been properly and thoroughly documented. Though early accounts have pointed out that these chips were used to cover the gambling activities that were otherwise considered as illegal centuries ago. (more…)

Poker Rules

Poker RulesAmong all the online games, online casino gambling gains more popularity. It is gaining gamers from all over the world and of a wide age range. One of the most popular is poker. Poker has many variations among them are Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha. These all have different specific rules, but there are some basic rules that apply to poker in general. (more…)

Internet poker

poker internetDead hands are some hand (and card) actions that declare the withdrawal of the player for that particular round. Say, a player who throws the cards (face up or face down) to another player means a dead hand. Exceeding time limit can also cause a dead hand. There are retrievable dead hands but on a strict discretion of the management. (more…)

So You Want to Learn How to Play Poker? (Beginner)

How to Play PokerNever played poker before? No need to fret. Everyone had to start from the beginning at one time or another, even the world championship poker players that we may or may not have grown to admire over the years.

Poker is easy to learn and difficult to master. Much like golf; it’s fairly easy to understand the basics but the subtleties and nuances will have you dashing down your clubs onto a felt-like green surface in frustration. (more…)

The Tools of the Trade

play-pokerA standard 52-card poker deck or any other card deck used to play a variety of games including Bridge and a sleeve or carousel of betting chips. A table and chairs will also come in handy.

Dealer and Participants

Dealer: gathers, doles out, and handles the cards at all times throughout the round. (more…)

WSOP Radio

The Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. company, one of the major casino and hotels operators of the world, has announced the launch of the World Series of Poker broadcast. This is going to be an official weekly radio show based on the World Series of Poker, supported by a famous American beer brand.



Online poker – enjoy gaming

In the gaming industry, online poker has created a storm for the gaming enthusiasts. The popularity of online poker games now exceeds that of internet casino gambling. Online poker celebs like Chris Moneymaker and Joe Hachem have appealed to the imaginations of card game fans everywhere, and software platforms like Playtech and Realtime Gaming have made games more accessible. (more…)