Clay Poker Chips

Clay Poker ChipsIn the world of card gaming, poker is the most popular of all. And for poker to be played with so much ease poker chips are necessary in lieu of money. These poker chips have different values depending on the agreement of the players. The history of using chips has not been properly and thoroughly documented. Though early accounts have pointed out that these chips were used to cover the gambling activities that were otherwise considered as illegal centuries ago. Chips are used to mislead the authorities that players were simply having fun and that there was no betting taking place.

The long history of gambling dates back few centuries ago wherein they are organized by mafia. Most of these gambling activities are done in some hidden places away from the prowling eyes of the general populace. When gambling as eventually legalized, chips are still used until today.

The oldest of all the poker chips are the clay poker chips. They have been around since the 1800s. Almost all poker games that took place during those times had clay poker chips as the players bet. However, some may have used poker chips that are made of wood. With the presence of wooden poker chips, the clay poker chips were still the most preferred among poker connoisseurs. Clay poker chips were the hottest items during those times.