Mid Tournament Strategy

Mid Tournament StrategyAfter you finish with the early stages of a www.VegasPokerPro.com tournament, quite surprisingly there is the mid-tournament stage of play. This stage is different from early stage play in a number of different ways. Arguably, the most important difference is many of the extremely poor players have already been knocked out so money is not going to be as easy to put into your stack as it was in the early stages of play. As such, you need to adjust your play to account for this fact and try to continue growth that you were hopefully making during the early stage to set yourself up for the rest of the tournament.

If you played well during the early stage of the PokerStars tournament and exploited the bad players for chips, you should be sitting on a healthy chip stack. During the middle phase of the tournament, you are going to encounter more players of a higher quality and, as a result, you are going to need to fix any leaks that you may have in your game. With your chip stack in a good place, you need to continue to be on the hunt for weak players and short stacks.

When playing in a poker tournament think of myself as a lion. It may sound ridiculous but it is a great analogy for playing well. You are a predator and you are on the hunt for food. In the case of the poker tournament, your food is your chips. As a smart predator, you do not want to go after any game that will put up a big fight. Instead, you want to stalk the weak and wounded because they are an easy target and that is exactly what you should be doing at the poker table.

If you did not play too well during the early stage of the tournament or ran into some rough luck, you are going to need to right your ship during this phase before things get too difficult. The longer the tournament goes on the harder it becomes to claw your way back into the game. The blinds are beginning to increase at a more rapid rate, so making moves and hammering other people when you have a good hand is vital. You are almost certainly going to need to go all-in, so picking a good spot to do this is of paramount importance. Once you are back to an average sized stack, you can begin to tighten up but forward progress is the key.

Strategy during the middle phase of an online poker tournament like the WSOP varies depending on your position relative to the average chip stack. If you managed to capitalize on the easy money in the early stage of the tournament, you are in good shape to make some money and continue on to later stage of the tournament. If you ran into some problems, however, there is still plenty of time to get yourself back into a beneficial position.