Poker player has debt of 150 million

Poker player has debt of 150 millionEarly January it finally was announced who’s behind the nickname Isildur1, that drew millions for the online poker tables. Maybe the poker player now regrets the disclosure, because Swedish tax authorities (Skatteverket) is demanding approximately 150 million U.S. dollars from him.

The young Swedish man Viktor Blom proved to be a very successful online poker player. The Skatteverket, the Swedish tax authorities had suspected for some time that Blom was hiding behind the nickname, but still awaited with great interest in the disclosure.

In Sweden you have to pay taxes of 30 percent on every poker hand you win in a poker room that is not based in Sweden of in the EU. If you lose a poker hand you can’t deduct them. Blom has played hundreds of thousands of hands played and was involved in the ten biggest pots ever.

The Swedish tax authorities estimates that Blom has to pay $ 150 million in tax. That while the player only has earned a few million. Blom can’t pay the taxes due and it’s not known how this will be handle.