Super Hero Poker

Super Hero PokerIn the live casino, the most successful and popular poker games stand out from the pack. Whether it is an attractive progressive jackpot or the poker game is branded after a popular part of culture – be it a movie, historical figure, or a television show, the poker that get the most action stick out and capture the eye. One of the more popular themes for online poker machines lately is the poker games that are branded after super heroes from the comic strips. Legendary heroes such as Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, and even the Incredible Hulk all have poker machines branded in their likeness.

As one would expect, Super Poker Casino games are well designed. These games are rich in graphics and often feature animations and even special scenes in their bonus games, where a player can choose a specific path, capture criminals, and even save the object of the heroes’ affection. Additionally, these super hero poker games each provide numerous scatters in the forms of their very comic book’s heroes and villains.

In addition to being rich in graphics and quite interactive, most of the online Super Hero games have a variety of progressive jackpots tied to them. Each progressive has a different way in which it can be triggered and won. Some of the progressive jackpots in the Super Hero poker games are even awarded randomly, which is a pleasant surprise for any unsuspecting poker player.

While the Marvel brand of comic strips initially inspired the various Super Hero Poker games, DC Comics are also bringing their heroes to life in their own poker games. Childhood heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and even Wonder Woman and the Flash all have their own brands of poker machines on the internet. Just like their Marvel counterparts, the DC line of online poker provide interactive bonus games, progressive jackpots, and a ton of scatter bonus opportunities for comic book lovers to enjoy.

Super Hero themed poker machines can be found on Crazy Poker and present innovative graphics, a ton of bonus games, progressive jackpots and scatter bonuses for all to enjoy. These poker games are branded and patterned after the comic book heroes and provide hours of fun and enjoyment when playing online poker. So next time you are on the internet and looking for a fun and exciting poker game to play, give one of the many comic book Super Hero poker games a try.