Texas Hold’em Seating Positions

Poker RulesAt any Texas Hold’em Poker game, the seating arrangement can play a critical role in any game and hence your strategy of play needs to be modified according to your position. Your first seating position is the where the dealer (Button) sits. Immediately to the left of this player will be the small blind. The next position will be the big blind and the next position is known as Under the Gun. From the Small Blind to Under the Gun (3 seats) are early positions.

On the right of the dealer (Button) sits the Cut Off and immediately on the right of this position is the Highjack. These three positions are known as late Positions. All players between the late and early positions are referred to as the middle positions.

The dealer (button) is considered to be the best position at any poker table as this player is the last player to play and hence will have had the opportunity of seeing how all the other players have played their hand and will therefore have a good idea of how confident or how unsure players are and use this knowledge in how he/she will bet.

The Small Blind and the Big Blind are not very strong positions as these positions are governed by what bet can be placed. The betting amounts for these two positions is normally decided by the house prior to the game starting.